Commit 83532ce2 authored by daniel.dickhaus's avatar daniel.dickhaus
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Fixed OXUIB-790 OX Drive portal widget broken for windows in other platforms section

(cherry picked from commit e143637b)
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......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ define('plugins/portal/oxdriveclients/register', [
link = getShopLinkWithImage(platform, settings.get('linkTo/' + platform));
// simple fallback for typical wrong configured customer systems (OX Drive for windows)
if (settings.get('linkTo/' + platform) === '') {
if (_.isEmpty(settings.get('linkTo/' + platform))) {
console.warn('OX Drive for windows settings URL not present! Please configure "plugins/portal/oxdriveclients/linkTo/Windows" correctly');
// .# Points the user to a another place in the UI to download an program file. Variable will be the product name, ie. "OX Drive"
link = $('<p style="font-weight: bold">').text(gt.format(gt('Please use the "Connect your device" wizard to download %s'), settings.get('productName')));
......@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ define('plugins/portal/oxdriveclients/register', [
ul.append($('<li>').append($('<h3>').text(gt.format(gt('%s is also available for other platforms:'), settings.get('productName')))));
_.each(getAllOtherPlatforms(), function (os) {
if (settings.get('linkTo/' + os) !== '') ul.append($('<li class="link">').append(getShopLinkWithImage(os, settings.get('linkTo/' + os))));
// use isEmpty here to detect missing settings, null, undefined and emtpystring
if (!_.isEmpty(settings.get('linkTo/' + os))) ul.append($('<li class="link">').append(getShopLinkWithImage(os, settings.get('linkTo/' + os))));
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