Commit 88ff373b authored by anne.matthes's avatar anne.matthes
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Fixup for OXUIB-661: popup / popout mail view nearly impossible from list-view

(cherry picked from commit 82caff00)
parent 613942c0
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......@@ -1601,7 +1601,7 @@ define('io.ox/mail/main', [
// they already see emails in full screen
if (_.device('smartphone')) return;
app.listView.on('selection:doubleclick', function (list) {
if (app.listView.props && app.listView.props.get('layout') === 'list') return;
if (app.props && app.props.get('layout') === 'list') return;
if (app.isThreaded()) list = _(api.threads.get(list[0])).pluck('cid');
var cid = list[0],
obj = _.cid(cid),
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